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Biologique Recherche


Biologique Recherche products are highly personalized and we want to ensure you get the appropriate products for your skin. Please request a personal consult and we'll get you started with this amazing skin care line.
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Biologique Recherche


A groundbreaking innovation, La Grande Crème tackles all age-related skin concerns. EpigenActiv® “switches off” the genes that are involved in the process of skin aging, to enable the ultimate regeneration. Its active ingredients improve the functional architecture of elastin and collagen fibers, giving a real “lifting” and anti-wrinkle effect. Skin on the face is strengthened, its contours are restructured and the complexion is clearer and more even. Recommended for Skin Instants© showing signs of epidermal aging.

SIZE: 50ml (1.7 fl oz) jar


• Cellular regeneration: protects the cells to preserve their longevity for a regenerating effect

• Improves the overall water balance of the epidermis

• Restructures and regenerates the dermis for a corrective anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect

• Intensifies cellular cohesion

• Total restructuring and firming effect

• Reinforces the skin's barrier function against harsh external factors

• Boosts dermal-epidermal interactions, which often decline with age


Apply a small amount in the morning and/or evening to the entire face, neck and décolleté, after using the recommended P50 Lotion and the Sérums Authentiques.

For external use only.


Regenerating agents: Milk Thistle Extract, EpigenActiv©, Mimosa Extract

Anti-dark-spot agents: White Tea Leaf Extract, Extract of young shoots of Watercress and pure Genistein derived from soybeans

Firming agents: Complex of Elderflower, Chestnut tree and Tropical Almond leaf Extracts

Anti-wrinkle agents: Complex of Matrikines, Muscle-relaxing Peptide, Carcinine

Structure and volume agents: Peony extract

Protective agents: Skin-protecting Oligosaccharide, Pichia

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